The Bulletin of the Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers
September 3, 2005
September Meeting Announcement: There will be a meeting of the members of the Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers on Wednesday evening September 29, 2005 at 7:30 pm. at the James Bates Hall at Ascension Catholic Church, 12700 Lanham-Severn Road, Bowie, Maryland 20720, Tel: 301 262 2227.
Dr. Ralph Coan, M. D.
9618 Culver Street, Kensington, MD 20895 Tel: (301) 962-8340
will speak on
The Miracles of Lourdes
In this lecture Dr. Coan will discuss the authenticity of several of the miraculous cures at Lourdes, France, to include the slides of sarcoma (cancer) of two persons.  These vastly documented instantaneous cures have never been seen anywhere in the history of the world except by Jesus and His saints.   
Dr. Ralph Coan, MD is a Board Certified Internist in private practice in Bethesda Maryland.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.  He was educated at Gonzaga High School, Georgetown University and Georgetown Medical School where he graduated with honors.  He and his wife, Jessica have been active in charitable and educational activities and received the Order of Merit from Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington, for Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Bethesda in 2003.  They have five children and eight grandchildren.  One of his sons, Gregory, is a priest in the Archdiocese of Washington.  Dr. Coan is the head of the International Medical Association of Lourdes in the USA and has given many talks on the Miracles of Lourdes.      
Appeal:  The Mary Mother of God Mission Society needs a used ultrasound machine for its parishes in Vladivostok, Russia.(
Future meetings: The tentative dates and topics:
October    The Heresy of Modernism    Wed. Oct. 26,05  Dr. Raymond Marcin, CUA  
President’s Message:  Thanks to Pro-Life Senator Leo Green for sending his volunteer, Davie Ranaghan, to Fr. Greg Coan’s talk on Stem Cell Research.  Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo sent us an encouraging letter, (see our web site at .)   During August, Angelita and I were blessed to visit France.  Thanks to the advice and help of Fr. Pierre Conway, OP, we visited Fanjeaux and Prouilhe where St. Dominic founded  his orders of priests and nuns along with Toulouse and Lourdes and Cabrespine, the ancestral home of Pierre Duhem.  We made some videos of the holy places and bring back bottles of Lourdes water for distribution.  
Pray for those affected by Hurricane Katrina especially Dr. and Mrs. Cargille, Fr. Steve Brett, and  Mrs. Rosemarie Denton. Best Regards, Frank Kelly