The Bulletin of the Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers
March 8, 2005

March Meeting Announcement: There will be a meeting of the members of the Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers on Thursday evening, March 17, 2005 at 7:30 pm. at the James Bates Hall at Ascension Catholic Church, 12700 Lanham-Severn Road, Bowie, Maryland 20720, Tel: 301 262 2227.
Br. Dunstan Robidoux OSB
St. Anselm's Abbey
4501 S. Dakota Ave. NE,
Washington, DC, 20017-2753
Tel: 202-269-6650 Email:
will speak on
Aquinas's Notion of Science

Aquinas had a notion of science that was heavily influenced by the methodology of Greek science. The science of Aristotle became a dominant paradigm for understanding how science should be done and this paradigm dominated men’s minds until well into the 17th Century. However Aquinas appropriated a number of notions which informed his understanding of scientific procedure and his understanding of science contains a number of parallels which related it to the nature and structure of contemporary modern science. Aquinas's notion of science cannot be simply rejected as antiquated. How Aquinas's understanding of science has been understood has perhaps been antiquated and these mistaken notions should be rejected.
Br. Dunstan Robidoux, OSB was born June 4, 1951 in Canada. He did philosophy studies in Louvain, Belgium on and off from 1977 to 1984. He has a licentiate in philosophy. He has done theology studies at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D. C.  and is presently doing a PhD in theology. He have been a monk at St. Anselm's Abbey in Washington since 1987. He am the Vice-Director of the Lonergan Institute for the "Good Under Construction" located at 4501 S. Dakota Ave. NE, Washington, DC, 20017-2753 tel. 202-269-6650.

February meeting report:  We had an exciting meeting in February.  We were especially happy that David Pittman and Jacques Nguyen could come from Georgia and California respetively to attend our session on Cold Fusion led by Dr. Scott Chubb.  We also had the presence of Frank and Constance DiVito,  Angelita Kelly, Mac MacPhillips, Dr. Ralph Coan, Mrs. Tony Rieu, Erwin Garcia  and Cassie and Chantal Castro.  
Dr. Scott Chubb showed that the outlook for research in the area of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) is surely bright--even if “cold fusion” has been stigmatized up to now by the US physics community.  The CAS+E meeting was videotaped; and members can contact Dr. Francis J Kelly for copies and further information.  
Jacques Nguyen is an old friend of Dr. Kelly.  Jacques was a high official in the South Vietnamese government during the Vietnam war.  He is an expert linguist and interpreted for  President Diem.  After the fall of Saigon, he was captured by the Communist Vietnamese and placed in a death cell for three years of starvation.  He and his companions survived with the supernatural help of Our Lady’s rosary prayers.  After three years he was released from the death cell and still served eleven more years in Communist prison until he was released to go to America with his family in 1990.  In America he met Dr. Kelly at St. Mark’s Parish Church and joined the St. John DeMatha Council of the Knights of Columbus in Hyattsville, Maryland.  In 1990 or 1991 he moved to California and worked in business, education and politics until the present time.  He participated in the November 2004 election campaign and is a Member of National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).  He was a  Speaker of Trust for the President George W. Bush National Republican Convention at Madison Square Garden, NY City.  He appeared earlier on Thursday morning Feb. 17, 2005 on the Knights of Columbus Radio Program on WEBR radio in Fairfax County, Virginia hosted by Dr. Francis J. Kelly.  (You can listen each Thursday morning from 11:00 to noon on the internet at  ).  He told his remarkable story of how his devotion  to Our Lady and her Rosary saved him in the prison.  He also told of recently suffering from cancer of the thymus with a lump the size of two lemons in his throat.  After prayers and devotions to Our Lady of Fatima, it suddenly disappeared without treatment.  (He did not want to submit to an operation.)  This unexplainable cure astounded his radiological lab technician and seven doctors at Stanford University Hospital.  Jacques can be contacted at
Dr. Austgen reports:  Dr. John Austgen, DDS has sent a videotape copy of a public access TV program in which he was interviewed about his position that no virus has been proven to cause AIDS and that the human immunodeficiency virus is a figment of the imagination of virologists.  He gives a very convincing account of the present situation in the controversy.   
Mac McPhillips contribution: Mr. MacPhillips sent me an interesting videotape on the problem of dating geological layers.  It described the problems of inferring geological dates from the stratigraphy of the layers.  It represents some of the interesting geology that is inspired by the followers of the “young earth” idea that contemplates a very recent creation of the earth in agreement with a literal interpretation of parts of Genesis.
Future meetings:The dates for the next group of CAS+E meetings here in Bowie MD are as follows:
April 21, 2005   Tentatively Dr. John Rao,  Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute
May 19, 2005           TBD
June 16, 2005             TBD
July 7, 2005  Tentatively     Fr. Stanley Jaki, Pontifical Academy of Sciences
End of July    Tentatively      Father Jacques Arnould OP CNES
If you will be in town at these times and would like to give the talk on that day please contact me; so I can put you on the schedule.  Please let me know if you want to hold another National meeting at Catholic University of America in 2006 or 2007.
Sincerely yours, Dr. Francis J. Kelly