The Bulletin of the Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers
July 13, 2005
July Meeting Announcement:
There will be a meeting of the members of the Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers on Wednesday evening July 27, 2005 at 7:30 pm. at the James Bates Hall at Ascension Catholic Church, 12700 Lanham-Severn Road, Bowie, Maryland 20720, Tel: 301 262 2227.
Jacques Arnould, CNES
will speak on
Space and Religion: an interweaving of influences
Since the first ages of humanity, the contemplation of the starry sky invited the human being to ask himself: "Who am I? What is my origin? Where is my destiny? "  After the revolution introduced by modern astronomy into the manner for humankind of understanding itself, the development of the aeronautical and then astronautical techniques introduced a new experiment for humanity: that of being a citizen of the Sky. By carrying out the dream of Icarus, has Man realized the attempt of Prometheus? Would he have taken the place of the gods or God? Do the religions have to fear the conquest of Space?   Far from being the place or the opportunity of new lawsuits or woodsheds, Space arises at the eyes of believers and theologians like a rich source of religious expressions  impossible to contain for theological researches attended to by our contemporary societies…without forgetting the attachment with the Earth which Space reinforces and enriches.
Depuis les premiers âges de l’humanité, la contemplation du ciel étoilé a invité l’homme à s’interroger : « Qui suis-je ? Quelle est mon origine ? Où est ma destinée ? » Après la révolution introduite par l’astronomie moderne dans la manière pour l’homme de se comprendre, le développement des techniques aéronautiques puis astronautiques a introduit une nouvelle expérience au sein de l’humanité : celle d’être citoyen du Ciel. En réalisant le rêve d’Icare, l’Homme s’est-il introduit dans la peau de Prométhée ? Serait-il devenu aussi fort que les dieux ? Les religions doivent-elles craindre la conquête spatiale ? Loin d’être le lieu ou l’occasion de nouveaux procès d’inquisition ou de nouveaux bûchers, l’Espace se présente aux yeux des croyants et des théologiens comme riche d’expressions religieuses et incontournable pour la recherche théologique soucieuse d’être à l’écoute de notre société contemporaine. Sans oublier l’attachement à la Terre que l’Espace renforce et enrichit.
Jacques ARNOULD, born in 1961, is Dominican, agricultural Engineer, Ph.D. in Sciences and Ph. D. in Theological History. He is taking an active interest in the interrelation between sciences, cultures and religions with a particular interest for two set of themes: the first related to the life sciences and its evolution; the second related to space conquest. To the first he devoted several works and publications on the historical and theological aspect. To the second, he is the French Space Agency (CNES) expert in charge of ethical, social and cultural aspect of space activities.
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Mария Tимофеева (Maria Timofeeva of Holy Spirit Section in Novosibirsk, Russia )  writes:   Dear Francis!
Thank you very much for sending the copy of Aquinas' Concept of Science by Br. Dunstan Robidoux.  With best wishes Maria Timofeeva
Dr. Joseph Holoubek  writes: Dear Dr. Kelly:
I appreciate you sending me information on the Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers. My only wish is that I would be closer so that I could attend..  Father Jaki is an excellent speaker and always has an informative message. He was guest speaker at the Catholic Medical Association meeting several years ago.
I read the section by John Marcus with sympathy for him and I admired the close relationship that he and his wife had with each other and their loyalty to the Church,
The story of my late wife, Dr. Alice Baker Holoubek, follows closely that of Mrs. Marcus. Alice too was told to have an abortion on the first pregnancy because she had tuberculosis. We refused and found a doctor who carried her through that pregnancy.. We had three more children.  
Alice became a convert and became very active in the church. We attended daily Mass together for 50 years until I stopped driving. When we built our home we included a chapel complete with stained glass window. We use it daily.
She too developed cancer of the breast at 60 but she had no recurrence.   We practiced medicine together for 45 years. She did much for the Church, taught Pre-Cana, stated the Gabriel group for mothers in their first pregnancy, served on several committees of the Catholic Medical Association, started the Health Care of the Religious and Clergy and many other Church related activities. Pope John Paul II appointed her a Pontifical Donina of the Order of St Gregory the Great. We attended the meetings of the Catholic Medical Association for 50 years and those of the Catholic Academy of Sciences of the USA for ten years.
At 80 she started to develop little strokes which limited her activities and eventually led to several years of total care with full-time caretakers at home .
She died at 90 after we had been married 65 years. Her funeral was impressive. The Bishop and twelve priests and two deacons were on the altar.
As a convert, she became a very devoted Catholic and became a role model for many,
I wrote the book LETTERS TO LUKE so that future generations would know about her. Elisa in the book is modeled after her,
Incidentally the book won the first prize for religious fiction at the Indepemdent Publishers Convention is New York last week,   Sincerely, Joe
Future meetings: The tentative dates for the next group of CAS+E meetings here in Bowie MD are as follows:
August   Fr.Greg Coan   The Human Embryo Wed Aug. 24th at 7:30       
President’s Message: Please pray for our members to volunteer to help with the administrative chores of CAS+E.  Please submit comments and articles for our web site and bulletin ( ).    We can do often more to please Our Lord and Our Lady when we work and pray together rather than in solitary effort.   Best Regards, Frank Kelly